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Recycling Process

Olopie.com, a recycling based enterprise who are authorized E-waste collectors pioneer the 3R Mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Operating on an online platform, we facilitate and help households, organizations, institutions etc. sell their E-waste & other scrap/recyclables at the market value. Olopie.com provides a variety of services & products based on the 3R Mantra.

With Recycling becoming an absolute necessity and compulsion to save the environment & it resources, Olopie provides structured recycling services across single/multi-storied housing units, organizations and industries. Olopie is also into creating/spreading awareness among children & others about Reduce, Reuse & Recycling.

Pioneering the 3R Mantra, Olopie is also into product offerings which facilitate saving/ reducing energy consumption & Reusing Batteries, thereby reducing the dumping & usage of natural resources. Olopie.com currently operates in Bangalore.


Sell scrap online to E-waste dealer- be a good citizen

Dealing with the waste material is not a problem today. If you have to waste electrical instrument, don’t throw it away. This can lead to negative effect on your environment. The best thing you can do is sell it off. Yes, there are companies dealing with the purchase of your scrap. It is time to call them up and hand over the waste material from your old electrical instrument. You can now call up the E-waste collector and hand over the scraps available at home.

Online scrap dealers

It is no more required to put your electrical waste in your garbage bin. Don’t allow the municipality vegetable waste car to take mercury rich electrical waste. You too have some responsibility towards the environment and living beings on earth. Stop the connection of throwing the e-waste on your land. There are many online dealers to take your electrical waste. It is the time for you to sell scrap online. You just need to visit the website. There are options with different categories. Contacting the representatives is also quite easy.


Scrap dealer services

There are a number of services that are dealt by the scrap purchasers. Following are some of them:

  • Recycle
  • Revaluation
  • Relocation
  • Repair and services

Steps in recycling

You have to book your appointment at first. There is an order form which you have to fill up. All the details starting from the name, mobile, email, till the address and pick up materials must be mentioned. The scrap dealer will contact you immediately after receiving the contact form. You can also give a call to get some queries resolved. They will be available in both the ways.

What do they buy?

The scrap buyers will purchase the following materials:

  • Battery scrap
  • Newspaper, magazines and books
  • Office scrap
  • All types of electrical scraps
  • All metal scraps
  • All types of plastic scraps
  • Automobile scrap

We are one of the well-known organisation dealing with all types of scraps. Electrical goods or plastic materials, the scrap is always going to be a trouble for your environment. Throwing them in a garbage bin is not at all a solution. You must call us up today for a pickup today. You can email us with requirement or queries. Our friendly drivers will reach you within a stipulated time.




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