E-scrap Recycling and Waste Management Company

Olopie.com is a recycling based enterprise, who are authorized E-waste collectors and upstart in B2B, B2C scrap, trash & junk processing business based in Bangalore. We work on a 3R Mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We are in form of professional incorporated body setup as registered private limited company under Indian Companies Act; namely, Olopie Trading Private Limited.

Olopie provides structured recycling services across single/multi-storied housing units, organizations and industries. We currently serve the needs of over 1000+ households, 50+ companies & industries on a monthly basis. Olopie is also into creating/spreading awareness among children & others about Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Our services include: Recycling, Relocation, Revaluation, Repairs & Services Etc.

Pioneering the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Mantra, Olopie is also into offering products which are into saving/ reducing energy consumption & Reusing Batteries, thereby reducing the dumping & usage of natural resources.

The waste materials from electrical goods are affecting the environment. The harmful metals and toxins mix with the soil to harm the microorganisms. This, in turn, is disturbing the total ecological balance on earth. It is time to stop such environmental harm.

The waste management company have a good strategy to save the earth. We are one among them to take back all your e-waste. We are available to take your call 24/7.

If you have good e-waste collection at home, just give us a call. Our representatives will drop into your home and collect them. You must be eager to know about the price quote. Don’t worry, we will give you a quotation after discussion.

What do we?

We believe in recycling the waste right from old electrical instruments. The harmful metals such as mercury from the old battery can affect the human being as well as environment. We provide exclusive escrap Recycling Services for a better life on earth. Through recycling, we get the costly metal and mineral.

This will be quite an economical process than getting them through mining.  At the same time, the burden on earth gets lessened. Our intention includes balancing earth’s ecosystem. Also, the demand for precious metals will be fulfilled.

Less waste generation

Any type of waste is a burden on earth. We have the sincere attempt of reducing that burden. This will give rise to better environment and sustainability. Do you know about scrap recycling process? We deal with this exclusively for all of our customers.

We will stop the spread of toxic products within the land frame. Sometimes, the wastes are quite difficult to process. Also, it can be hazardous in nature. But, we have experts dealing in this trade. We channelize the waste in such a way that, it can be reused again.

E-waste from devices

We deal with the e-waste from a variety of devices. The electrical goods include mobile phones, refrigerators, very old computer, old laptops, cameras, TV etc. We take away the risk of its harm towards the environment.

You can now sell second-hand electrical devices to us. We will look into it and provide an estimate. We will try to reduce as much amount of waste that is likely to be generated to a human being as well as the total environment. We take up the computers, smartphones, and laptops widely as these are the most used devices with maximum wear and tear.