At Olopie we started a new campaign where as a customer or as a normal human being you can help us to do charity. What you can do is just donate your electronic scrap items to our donation dashboard, we will recycle it and use this for charity work.

In this initiative, you can contribute by clothes donation, electronic donation and Freecycle donation. Our team or we can say that our helping hands will reach you to pick your donation. Then we will work on each and every donation (whatever we receive), as you know that our professional workers can do this job best and make them like a new charitable thing which we will donate to needy people.

Our organisation is committed towards this campaign. At Olopie we are doing this because this is a part of our corporate social responsibility. We are saying thanks in advance to you for your contribution.



S.No. Name Place Product Value/Amount
1 Doe Kormangal English Paper 500
2 Doe Kormangal English Paper 500