As a user, you must have some queries and question regarding our working style and working policy. Here are some common questions that help you to believe us and will make you confident to work with us.

Q.1 Where I can dump my e-trash?

Answer: When you are working with us this is an easy process for you. You just need to tell us and our professionals will reach you to collect your e-trash.

Q.2 Where I can recycle my computer?

Answer: you know that in the computer there are new updates available on a daily basis. Here in Olopie, we help you to upgrade or recycle your old computer.

Q.3 Where I can get more information on recycling?

Answer: the answer is very simple that our professionals will help you in every problem. At Olopie you will get information about e-waste recycling.

Don’t forget that we buy appliances that you think it is not useful for me.