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Partner with us for your Monthly, Quarterly and yearly disposal of your scrap in a Safe and environment-friendly manner.


IT Asset Disposal Services

We believe in the 3R mantra “Reduce Reuse Recycle” and work to maximize value recovery from end-of-life IT assets.  And also we provide a one-stop solution to all your requirements such as Recycling E-waste, Resell unboxed and unused Materials, Hazardous waste disposal etc.


Electric Waste:

All computer systems, laptop, LCD, LED, CPU, Monitor, Key Boards Mouse, UPS, Stabilizers, SMPs, Inventors, Copier Machines, Printers Scanners, Fax Machines, Television, DVD Players, CD’s, Radios audio systems, Networking Products, Servers Systems, Switches, Routers, hubs, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, freezers, household appliance



Panel Boards, MCB Switches, Starters, Bus Bars, and Cables & Wires.



All Defense IT Equipment instrument, Mobiles, telephones, Telephone exchange systems, cordless telephones, answering machines & all wireless instruments



  • Submit your request
  • Inspection of scrap materials
  • Get Quote for scrap materials
  • Present you Pollution control Board Certificate and also other Required Certificates.
  • Get Free Logistic support
  • Receive Payment to your Bank account

E-scrap Recycling business Partnership in Bangalore

Do you want to get a better tomorrow? The first and foremost thing will be managing e-waste. We are an enterprise dealing with channeling the e-waste in a better way. We want partners to work with us.

The scraps from electronic goods are going to be really harmful to all of us. Few of us realize it very late. As a result, getting different types of diseases was really common. The e-Waste Recycling partner can come and meet us anytime. We can join hands and make our community safe and healthy.

Working of scrap recycling

We announce the acceptance of scraps from the electronic equipment. As soon as we get a call from our clients, we ask them to send us the detail of scraps. You can send us an email or can convey it over the phone. Our team evaluates the scraps.

Once the evaluation is done, we send a proposal. Being a scrap recycling partner, it is our duty to go ahead with the full utilization of each waste. As soon as we send the proposal to the client, we will expect a revert back from them.

On acceptance of, we will send the representatives to your place. The next step with us is picking up the e-waste from the particular location of Bangalore.

E-waste management in your area

There are area specific Recycling Partnership. We accept the partners from different areas of the city. You can just give us a call and state the place where you belong. We will discuss and finalize a deal. Not all wastes are decompose. This includes the waste from electronic goods.

These are not the waste from vegetables or the animals so that it can mix with land and make it more fertile. But, the waste from the battery and electronic goods are not ideal for decomposing in the land. Those can be very harmful. We are the e-waste recycling company with the business sale in Bangalore.

Do you want to get our e-waste service? You need to accumulate the scrap metals and electrical parts which you have with you. Do you want to know the prices? Our representatives will be happy to announce the scrap metal prices in India.

You can compare our price with other companies. We assure to give you best price. We help the environment in reducing the amount of waste from the electrical wastes. Come to us and get the price quote today. We are happy to spread our partnership.