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All types of Electrical and Electronic scrap

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Terms and conditions

  • If the Billing comes above Rs. 1000 ( Free Pick up)
  • If the Billing comes between Rs. 500 – Rs. 1000 (Pickup charges Rs. 30 on Weekdays and Rs. 50 on Weekends)
  • If the Billing comes below Rs. 500 ( Pickup charges Rs. 100)


Solid E-Waste Management Recycling Companies: an attempt to keep your environment safe

Every house has a variety of electrical appliances. People viewing TV work on the computer, keep food and other perishable good in the refrigerator. But, what happens when all these electrical appliances get obsolete? Did you ever throw away the wastes of electrical instruments in a garbage bin? I think most of you have kept all these in a storeroom or a corner of your home. But, doing this may not be profitable for you. Today, it is possible to recycle such waste. Yes, the e-waste recycling companies have contributed a lot in bringing sustainable future.

Service of e-waste companies

Some people have the habit of throwing electrical waste on roads or fields. This is going to be very harmful to the environment.  The lead and mercury found in TV and computer parts will release toxins and harmful chemicals to the hand fill. As a result, microorganisms like leeches will be affected. This will create an ecological balance in earth’s atmosphere. The E-waste management recycling companies are going through an honest attempt to keep the environment free from such adverse effect. They will take those obsolete parts from you and manufacture new products without harming the environment.

How the e-waste collected?

This is a very important question. The waste management and recycling companies go through step by step procedure to collect e-waste and keep the environment healthy.

Following are the steps:

  • Step 1 - call us up at (888-412-2253). You can also fill the online booking form
  • Step 2 - our representative will explain the pricing system
  • Step 3 - We will provide you with the cost details
  • Step 4 - Our professional drivers will give you a call in 20-30 minutes
  • Step 5 - We will pay you a penalty or late fine if our arrival period delays
  • Step 6 - Our driver will pick up the e-waste and return back
  • Step 7 - Once we have loaded the e-waste, we will start our recycling process.


Even the waste battery recycling at your home can be dangerous. You should never throw them away over a muddy area. Our experts deal with battery recycling service also. With the help of recycling process, huge energy saving can take place. The toxins from solid waste recycling process can be easily initiated. We also deal with the procedure of exclusive IT recycling. You should think about your environment and impact of it on you. It’s time to call us up immediately for an estimate and e-waste collection.

Recycle at ease with us!

Sell your Electric and Electronic scrap such as CRT monitor, Batteries, CPU, Wires, Inverter, TV, Fridge, Washing Machine etc., Metal scrap, Newspaper, Books, Plastic etc.,

We buy Household Scrap, Office Scrap, Industrial Scrap, Hospital scrap, Institutional Scrap (School, College, Institute).