IntelCon Battery Life Enhancer

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IntelCon Battery Life Enhancer


Increases battery life by 2-3 times
It works by sending mild electric pulses into the battery, thereby preventing the sulphation process.

•Suitable for all types of Batteries
•Extends Service Life of Batteries & Reduces Maintenance Costs
•5 Year Warranty
•Increases Vehicle Fuel Economy
•Life: 10 Years

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Product Description

Efficiency & Storage Capacity

Prevent lead sulphate crystallisation in new batteries. Prevent damage to lead plates due to lead sulphate crystal buildup. Due to sulfation, charging time increases so the electric bill increases & output decreases. With the help of INTELCON BATTERY LIFE ENHANCER charging time remains same as per new battery & saves money through electricity & output increases.

Why is this device needed?

75% to 85% of lead acid batteries fail prematurely because of formation of lead sulphate on the plates. These crystals cause batteries to become unusable at approximately one-third of their natural life.

Double / triple batteries life

Our INTELCON BATTERY LIFE ENHANCER generates an electrical pulse that shatters & removes lead sulphate crystals maximising its lifespan & performance.

 Save the Green Earth

Reducing the rate of battery disposal means fewer disposals of hazardous lead and “Sulfuric Acid”

Save Your Hard Earned Money

  • The battery life enhancer (Battery Desulfator) reduces the frequency of battery change.
  • Battery loose life span even before use! Battery Life Enhancer when connected cleans the electrodes & keeps it in cleaned state thereby saving the extra electricity charges required to overcome the corrosion problem.


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