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Olopie works as a Organization serving you 24X7. Our Services include Recycling Scraps, Providing Refurbished Laptop, revaluation of furniture or electronics and helping you out for relocating your home or office. A scrap that has been occupying your Junkyard, scraps that you always felt as waste now has some monetary value. These scraps can be recycled which can be Eco-friendly and be reused again. As scrap sale in Bangalore is increasing we recognise the value of scrap sell that you always thought as waste.

Scrap SellNow you can sell all type of household scrap, industrial scraps and organisation scrap. We buy all type of scraps including paper, plastic, Electrical, metal or vehicle scraps. Scrap metal for sale or scrap vehicle for sale in Bangalore is much easier with Olopie. All you need to do is book a pickup with Olopie, get a confirmation and our expert team will get to you to evaluate the scrap and provide the best price for you. There are a lot of metal scrap vendors in Bangalore but very few metal scrap dealers in Bangalore and Olopie is one of them.

Wish to redecorate your home and thinking what to do with your old Furniture. Now you can sell out your old Furniture, electronics or appliance at its best price. All you need to do is Whatsapp the image to us. Our team will visit, evaluate the scrap and you get paid handsomely.

If you are thinking of buying rather than selling then Olopie can help you with a wide range of Refurbished laptops. The advantage of having a Refurbished Laptop is they are defect free. All the laptops that are returned to the company are well tested by our expert Teams. Get i3, i5 and i7 laptops starting at just Rs.10,000 just need to book or set an enquiry on 8884450121 and our team will get in contact you.

Not only this if you need help in relocating your home or office Olopie can help you again. Now no need to worry about packing your stuff and getting it transferred to the desired location. Sit back and relax. Our expert Packers and movers will get to you on time and hep you in getting relocated. All you need to do is fill a form with all the details comprising your name, address, date of shifting and the list of items you want to get relocated. Our team will reach out to you on the mentioned date of shifting and you will be at your new location.

All these services are provided in Bangalore by Olopie. Our team will help you out at your doorstep. For any query, you can contact us at 8884450121 or 8884450122.

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