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Whether a few old batteries laying around the home or office, or you are a scrap battery collector, Olopie pays cash for scrap batteries. We buy all sizes of lead-acid batteries, SMF batteries, and automobile batteries. Get the highest cash offer based on current market prices. Call Olopie today at 8884450121/22

scrap batteriesOlopie provides services currently in Bangalore. Covering all the areas, we offer the highest & best prices for scrap batteries in the City. Scrap batteries contain various metals including the lead that can be extracted and converted to cash. The acid (distilled water) will need to be drained from the batteries prior to having Olopie come to collect the batteries. The batteries will then be weighed and you will get paid accordingly. In some cases, the batteries are weighed along with the distilled water & later adjusted while buying the batteries. Olopie requests customers to discuss any clarification regarding the responsible way of recycling batteries with our scrap battery appraiser at the time of the inquiry.

Scrap Battery Removals:-

Scrap battery removals at Olopie are designed to keep the community clean and healthy and put cash in the owner’s hands. To obtain a collection, or to have a container delivered, simply call Olopie. We are a scrap metal recycling company that will make a cash quote and remove the batteries at no cost. Our scrap metal prices are paid per kilogram (KG) or ton.

We buy batteries from:-

Cars, UPS, Trucks, Marine, Motorcycle, Equipment, Lawn Mower, Snowmobile, ATV, Equipment, Exit Lights, Solar Panel, Golf Cart, Tractor, Exit Lights, Backup Units

Contact Us Today:-

e-waste bangaloreOlopie is a scrap metal recycling company that buys and collects metal scrap, ewaste, escrap, battery scrap etc. Our scrap metal appraisers will offer the current metal prices over the phone or through our “Recycle” option located on our website Convenient collections are possible with our removalists to work around the clocking delivering containers and picking up scrap metal loads.
Call us at 88841 22253/43

We are your authorized scrap buyer/recycler that will give you the highest/best price in the market.

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