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E-waste RecyclersThe process of disposing of IT scrap / Assets is fraught with risk. One of the riskiest elements of e-waste disposal is compliance with state and federal environmental regulations. On top of regulatory obligations for environmental compliance is the public relations disaster that could occur if your company’s assets were discovered moldering in a landfill, leaking toxic material into the surrounding environment, or even worse, processed under unsafe working conditions at an overseas dumping ground?

Olopie is the Authorized E-waste collector if your company is looking for IT recycling / IT asset disposal. Olopie will purchase all types of E-waste such as computer, desktop, laptop, tablets, computer monitor, computer terminal, CRT, LCD, computer accessories, keyboards, mice, mouse, speakers, networking equipment, web-cameras, laptop docks, computer battery, battery backups, cords, cables, AC adapters, power cables, internal ribbons, flash drives, floppies, magnetic media, hard drives, optical drives, floppy drives, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, motherboards, cards, power strips, power Scrap Recyclingsupplies, printers, software, CDs and cases, DVDs and cases, scanners surplus IT equipment and office electronics from organizations wishing to receive the most capital back for their retired IT equipment.

We are a one stop solution for all IT asset disposition, liquidation, data destruction and electronic waste recycling services and we provide solutions designed to eliminate the burdens associated with physically disposing and removing various types of computer equipment.

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