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Scrap consists of recyclable left over materials from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of machines, vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials. Unlike waste, scrap has some monetary value associated to it, especially recovered metals, and non-metallic materials are also recovered for recycling. Companies & households can sell their metal scrap to Olopie.com and earn money.

Scrap can be classified into Electronic Scrap, Metal Scrap, Plastic scrap etc.

Sell Metal Scrap OnlineNow sell all types of metal scrap of home, office or Industrial scrap such as Ferrous and non ferrous metals Stainless Steel, Aluminum, General Waste, Paper & Cardboard, Plastics & Wood, Electrical Waste, Building/ Construction Waste, cable wiring, copper scrap, Ferrous Metals, Stainless Steel, Non Ferrous Metals, Alloys, Cable Scrap, Aluminum Scrap, Electrical Scrap, Plastic & Wooden Scrap, Copper Scrap, Machinery Scrap, Computer and IT Scrap, Paper & Cardboard book for pickup or get quote now.

Once the pickup date is scheduled, Olopie’s executives will reach out to you at your residence/office to pick up the scrap. The amount/value associated with the materials will be paid immediately in cash or transferred to your bank account.

Contact Olopie.com at 8884450121/22 for more details.

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