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Olopie means everything in a single pie. Olopie is a Recycling organization serving customers in Bangalore. Working on a 3R Mantra: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, Olopie’s business model is a combination of Products & Services. The Services include Recycling Scrap, Repair Services, Revaluation of furniture or Electronics and Relocation of home or office. Olopie also has a couple of sell scrap products to offer: Intelcon Battery Life Enhancer & Aircon X.

Scrap that has occupied in your house/yard which you always wanted to dispose, has a monetary value. Such scrap can be recycled in an Eco-friendly manner or can be reused again. As scrap generation in Bangalore is increasing, we at Olopie recognize the value of sell scrap that you always thought as being waste/worthless. We use digital weighing machines to weigh trash and pay them on kilogram basis. This helps customers from being cheated with manual weights by unauthorized Local scrap dealers.

Now you can sell all type of household scrap, industrial scrap and Organisation scrap at Olopie. We buy all types of scrap including Paper, Plastic, Electrical, Metal or Vehicle scraps. Selling Scrap metal, plastic, batteries etc., in Bangalore is much easier with Olopie. All you need to do is book a pickup with Olopie, get a confirmation and our expert team will evaluate the sell scrap and provide you with the best price. There are a lot of metal scrap vendors in Bangalore but very few authorized ones like Olopie.

Ever wished to refurnish your home and thinking what to do with your old Furniture? Now you can sell your old Furniture, Electronics & Appliances at the best price to us. All you need to do is visit Olopie and share the details. Our team will visit, evaluate the item and get you paid handsomely.

AIRCON X Want to shift your home or office? Olopie is here at your service again! No need to worry now about packing your items and moving it to the new desired location. Sit back and relax. Our expert Packers and Movers service will help you relocate in time. All you need to do is fill up the details comprising of your name, address, date of shifting and the list of items you want to get relocated. Our team will reach out to you on the mentioned date of shifting and help you relocate to your new location.

Talking about the products, ever wondered how to reduce your electricity bill at home or office? Yes you can! by using Aircon X, our device for the Air Conditioners. An Air conditioner is a device which consumes maximum electricity at home/office. You can save 40-60% of the electricity consumed by your AC by connecting the device Aircon X.

IntelCon Battery Life EnhancerAnd when it comes to Batteries, a customer is forced to replace a Battery for every 3 years. Car, UPS, Inverter Batteries etc., Think no more, by using Olopie’s Intelcon Battery Life Enhancer you can use a Battery for 9-10 years without worrying about unnecessary extra expenses/costs. You can save money up to 3-4 times.

All these services are provided in Bangalore by Olopie. Our team will help you at your doorstep. For any query, you can contact us at 8884450121 or 8884450122 or visit Olopie.

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