E-Waste Recycling and Home Appliance Repair Service in Bangalore


A new way to make your environment safe is none other than the recycling of electrical scrap. There is absolutely no use to keep the waste materials and old electrical appliances at home. The metals inside it can be dangerous. Do not throw it away it away in a barren land.

The harm will cause problems to the living organisms and the environment. It is time to call up the company dealing with the e-waste recycling services.  If you are staying within the city of Bangalore, there are many such organizations around. We are one among such service providing companies.

Repairing home appliances


Wear and tear of your home appliances is common. It may be refrigerator, television, ceiling fan, etc. You have to contact the suitable and reliable service provider. There can be situations when the new home appliance starts giving trouble.

We are the experts dealing with the home appliances repair services. You need to visit our website and open our contact form for the repair and services. Put all the details such as name, email, mobile, device type and the description.

We will view the issue and respond back with proper solution. We are dealing with repair of electrical parts and instrument within the city of Bangalore.

Recycling of e-waste


Did you observe the electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops in the refurbished category? These are the old appliances that have been recycled. We take the initiative to collect such electrical instruments and parts which are of no use. Then we sort and recycle to get a useful product.

Our Scrap Recycling Service will give out the instruments in low cost. The economic group of society that cannot use the new appliances can use the refurbished or the recycled product. This process is also very beneficial for the environment.

The e-garbage can prove to be really harmful to Mother Nature. We take the initiative to take them out of your house and channelize them to effective materials.

Safeguard personal information

Normally your old mobile phones and laptop have important data. This will be related to the personal and confidential matter. We understand your concern about exposing of such information. Our waste management services also deal with destroying of personal information.

You can clean up your hark disk easily with our data destruction services. You must be assured about out data safeguarding service. We are a reputed scrap management service who understands the privacy of your data.



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